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Wolf von Langa SON   Der Urklang der Musik, die Mutter aller Rhythmen

Love before the first note

A report from the magazine image hifi, No. 127, January/February 2016

Conclusion of the reviewer Christian Bayer: „Anyone who wants to buy a loudspeaker that even begins to be approximately in this price range should, no, must listen to the SON. I'll definitely keep mine.“

„…it’s like sitting in the recording studio… Quite frankly, I’d rather sit in front of the SON and am happy… – it attracts me to the music so much. … The way  SON constructs the sound composition, what drama it is able to represent, makes me doubt that it could get any better. Especially the different spatially depth and immersion does create a tension, that almost leaves me breathless…“

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WOLFVONLANGA produces audiophile field-coil loudspeakers and drive units. As a manufacturer we solely use the highest quality materials.
We deliver unique loudspeaker technology. All WOLFVONLANGA products are developed and handmade in Germany.
WOLFVONLANGA is a registered trademark.