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All models in the AUDIO FRAME series are without enclosure and perform openly. They’re built with different modules, which is beneficial, since all the parts are rather light-weight and easy to assemble even in a loft several floors high. The open casing enables the musical playback even in acoustically difficult environments and these usually doesn’t require any architectural modifications.x

Every model gets its own nickname from its acoustic characteristics. The AUDIO FRAME BERLIN features two waveguides with a curved cylinder cam progression, originally invented by F. Roesch who worked for „Klangfilm" in Berlin. Those waveguides direct the music to your position and offer a live listening experience. With elusive dynamics, exquisitely delicate but also with tremendous notes, exactly as you wish.

With the now available series of AUDIO FRAME loudspeaker systems we’ve reached a technical high point that lives up to the best possible recording quality as well as requirements of all sized lounges. 

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WVL 33221 BERLIN spec sheet

Wolf von Langa AUDIO FRAME BERLIN review (German; might be translated online)

„The Berlin doesn’t only present sound, but music. Music was just there, not bound to the speakers, holographic and with incredible ease.“ Ingo Schulz, Fidelity
„The only legitimate advertising for me is quality.
Everything else is brainwashing and dumbing down of the society.“
Harald Gebert – Wolf von Langa

The loudspeaker WVL 33221 BERLIN is available in ultra gloss black (special colours for the waveguides are available, please ask).

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