Japanese Press 2022-05: The German WOLF VON LANGA speakers impressed with their highly transparent sound and open spatial expression. The speakers themselves lack individuality or coloration and are able to bring out the characteristics of the amplifier and source components in a straightforward manner, but at the same time they are imbued with a clarity and atmosphere that is difficult to achieve with other speakers.

WOLF VON LANGA speakers impressed with their highly transparent sound and open spatial expression

WVL 12439 STAGE II  A True High End Audio Loudspeaker. A real Premium Speaker. Now available in black gloss and some real wood veneers.

WVL 12439 STAGE II spec sheet

Long desired and now finally here: STAGE II.

This is what it means to listen live.

Our newest addition, the little brother, or sister, if you will, of the SON compliments our premium speakers in the most amazing way. Highly transparent, pure, immediate and charming with an open spatial expression. This is truly a new and authentic member of the WVL loudspeaker collection.

The new model STAGE II looks just like the classic SON but has been constructed with a special permanent-magnet bass-midrange transducer, which makes this speaker more affordable.

To introduce this speaker properly, we would like to share a report from the HIFI Magazine 2/2021.

To get you started, a quote:

“This speaker is like a good concert, you will have to buy a ticket, but in turn you get to experience the music up close and go home with amazing and lasting impressions.”

“The STAGE II is an excellent example for a really well-crafted top-down developed speaker. The SONs little sister completely enchanted me. It´s sound is so marvelously lively that turning it off feels like a chore. It´s name is a promise. Bravo.”

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