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„SON means SOUND Excerpts from FIDELITY Review 62 A 10-INCH CONE PAIRED WITH A RIBBON — WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? WOLF VON LANGA USES THIS CONCEPT TO CREATE A FLOOR-STANDING SPEAKER IN ITS OWN CLASS. Seasoned drivers: Wolf von Langa makes the 10.5-inch cone driver (top left) and the passive radiator in-house. The top part of the SON is finished with a Mundorf AMT. This sits inside of a magnetically attached acrylic panel, which can be moved ever so slightly on the top of the housing. This enables the user to finely adjust the treble. The WOLF VON LANGA SON is a sensual speaker, yet simultaneously a David giving many high-end Goliaths a good kick in the shin. Its sensuality comes across most clearly where the gut decisions are made: in the bass.“ Fidelity Review 62 June 2022

„And the other one, I'd take it home now, was also coming from an electromagnetic speaker. This is WOLF VON LANGA SON. I heard this at colleague carbon4copy's place and now in the AIR TIGHT room, where I entered, Whole Lotta Love was spinning on the turntable. Now that's some real neck-snapping music. The song is brilliant, but it's very hard to tell what the hi-fi chain is doing with the lavors of distortion we hear, and what were Greta Van Fleet and Jimmy Page doing in the studio? It took two minutes for the system to convince me that what I was hearing was all Led Zep and nothing by WOLF VON LANGA and AIR TIGHT. Of course, I know that on paper this can't be true, since a triode tube and a 30 centimetre bass (mid?) divide at 2 kHz can't do that, but I was convinced. And for about 20 minutes afterwards, and when I went back three times.“ Earblog Mai 2022

„WVL 12439 STAGE II. The German WOLF VON LANGA speakers in the AIR TIGHT and PHASEMATION booths impressed with their highly transparent sound and open spatial expression. The speakers themselves lack individuality or coloration and are able to bring out the characteristics of the amplifier and source components in a straightforward manner, but at the same time they are imbued with a clarity and atmosphere that is difficult to achieve with other speakers.“ Japan Press Mai 2022

„... Trotz der eher zierlichen Maße, ist dies einer der besten Lautsprecher, den ich jemals gehört habe und zwar unabhängig vom Preis. ...
hören & fühlen April 2022 | WVL 12639 SON

„Die STAGE von Wolf von Langa. Warum ist dies ein so phantastischer Lautsprecher? Claus Volke zeigt es Ihnen! Die Wolf von Langa STAGE gilt für viele als die "kleine Schwester" der bekannten SON. Und obwohl optisch (und technisch) grundsätzlich schon sehr ähnlich, sind es dennoch zwei unterschiedliche Lautsprecher. Nicht nur im Preis. Aber was ist denn nun das besondere an den Lautsprecher des Field Coil Spezialisten aus Oberfranken? Wie schafft es eine kleine feine Manufaktur in Deutschland einen Lautsprecher mit dieser Qualität für diesen Preis herzustellen und anzubieten? Ich zeige es Ihnen und bin mir sicher, dass Sie bei einem eigenen Hörtest genauso überwältigt sein werden wie ich es bin!
hören & fühlen April 2022 | WVL 12639 SON

„... the WVL Sons are absolutely stunning with superlative speed, immediacy and resolution ... I am used to high levels of transparency and hearing deep into the mix but the Sons are simply on another level ...
HFA Review December 2020 | WVL 12639 SON

„SON | Natural sound, open, casual, emotionally and dynamically perfectly balanced.
The conviction of HiFi Choice
Price/value 5 out of 5, built quality 5 out of 5, sound 5 of 5, overall rating 5 of 5“

„AUDIO FRAME Berlin | Die Berlin präsentierte Musik, anstatt
nur Töne. Musik war einfach da, gelöst von den Lautsprechern,
holografisch und mit wunderbarer Leichtigkeit. | Fidelity | 2019“

„AUDIO FRAME London | ...klanglich mit das Spannendste,
was uns der Weltmarkt zu bieten hat. | LowBeats | 2019“

„SON | Wolf von Langa in Athens | Rated 4.9 out of 5“

„SON | Wolf von Langa did what is almost impossible“

„BEST of Elektrotechnik 2018, AUDIO FRAME X, AF London“

„AUDIO FRAME Chicago | Neue Horizonte | AudioVideo“ | 2018

„AUDIO FRAME Chicago | Die neue Referenz | LowBeats“ | 2017

„SON | Achat référence | Haute Fidelité“ | 2017

„AUDIO FRAME X | Lokaltermin | LowBeats“ | 2017

„BEST of Elektrotechnik 2017, AUDIO FRAME X“

„SON | Liebe auf den ersten Ton | Image HiFi“ | 2016

„SWING | Dipol Lautsprecher | LowBeats“ | 2016

„SON | Son становится явью | Soundex“ | 2016

„SON | Материя искусства | Hi-Fi.ru“ | 2016

„BEST of Elektrotechnik 2016, Wolf von Langa“

„BEST of Elektrotechnik 2015, Wolf von Langa“

„BLACK & WHITE | Image HiFi | 2014“     „English“

„SWING | HiFiStatement NET Magazin | 2015“

„ABOUT | Audio Activity | 2012“

„A100i | HiFiStatement NET Magazin | 2012“

„Fremderregt | Holger Barske | 2011“

Watch some videos from the German Blog „Hören & Fühlen“ (listen & feel) about Wolf von Langa „Mehr Lautsprecher braucht kein Mensch“ at YouTube.


The loudspeaker WVL 12639 SON EDIT!ON in European Oak can be ordered from our partner beaudioful near Hamburg, Germany. 

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