SWING Details


  • New from scratch field coil motor with 12 mm gap height
  • Capable of 1.7 Tesla flux density
  • Low mass voice coil on paper former, edge wound copper cladded aluminum wire, winding height 6.4 mm
  • 15 Hz resonance frequency
  • Less than 43 g moving mass (compared to almost 250 g from conventional designs)
  • Extreme stiff long fiber paper cone with treated apex and dampened surround
  • 20 - 3000 Hz frequency response without superelevation
  • Pure iron core and pole piece
  • Extreme low stray field

Every single Wolf von Langa transducer is manufactured with extreme care and precision

Every single Wolf von Langa transducer is manufactured with extreme care and precision

  • New from scratch field coil super compression driver
  • Low mass aluminum diaphragm
  • Low distortion < 0.1 %
  • 800 - 20,000 Hz frequency response 
  • Faraday ring
  • Pre heated voice coil for constant network condition
  • Optional waveguide available

Swing high frequency transducer

  • Common mode rejection filter including earth line
  • Capsuled low loss mains transformer with shielding
  • Low noise Schottky bridge rectification
  • Current source with very high output impedance
  • Choke filtering

FCA Power Supply

  • Birch hardwood waveguides
  • Over 800 layers of wood to avoid resonances
  • Optimized load length
  • Stable performance down to 35 Hz (open baffle)
  • Award worthy design

Wolf von Langa 'Swing'

The ultimate, and audiophile field-coil loudspeaker system which sets new standards.
35 - 20,000 Hz. 99 dB/1W/1m. 8 Ω.
SWING Loudspeaker System 

B 100 cm x H 120 cm x T 60 cm
100 W x 120 H x 61 D cm

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Subject to changes/modifications without notice.

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