The Wolf von Langa SWING is a totally open loudspeaker system whose outward appearance makes a unique design statement. Everything is visible. It is the ultimate synthesis of technology, fun, and aesthetic innovation. All this with audiophile music reproduction included. Never has there been a loudspeaker system offered with such a combination of sound quality, revolutionary visual design, and good natured originality.

Wolf von Langa Swing. Audiophile music reproduction. Exceptional Design. Over 800 layers of wood to avoid resonances.

The SWING by Wolf von Langa. Featuring modern field-coil technology. External power supply and network work together to deliver it all. Developed and handmade in Germany.

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Subject to changes/modifications without notice.

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WOLFVONLANGA produces unique field coil loudspeakers and drive units. As a manufacturer we solely use the highest quality materials.
We deliver worldwide unique loudspeaker technology. All WOLFVONLANGA products are developed and handmade in Germany.
WOLFVONLANGA is a registered trademark.