About loudspeaker line-up: In a bathroom the best speaker sounds like a bathroom. If reverberation time in the listening room is too long you won’t have an exact bass nor defined mid and high frequency reproduction. Excellent loudspeakers need excellent acoustical environment. The subject quantity of bass is not a criteria of reproduction quality.

Independent on your room dimensions it is recommended to try both possible setups of the speakers, one time at the long wall, the other time at the narrow wall. For beginning and comparison it is also recommended to position the loudspeakers to a 1/4 of the room depth as a rough start. Avoid listening at exact 1/2 of the room in either direction. 

WVL SON 3D setup, loudspeaker room location, loudspeaker setup, Lautsprecher Aufstellung

After finding out which mode works best in the room place the speakers to 1/4 of the choosen room depth, sit on the opposite end and move the speakers slightly back step by step. Listen. After deciding where to keep the speakers regarding the distance to the rear wall try the width of the speakers and keep the distance to both side walls identical if possible. Then slightly tilt both speakers towards the listening position. In case of SON it is possible to exchange the left and the right high frequency panel to even better determine the width. Thank you.  

son speaker in living room, Wolf von Langa SON, WVL SON, son field coil speaker

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