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The quality of our AiR MOTiON TRANSFORMER

The invention of Oskar Heil (Heil Scientific Labs, Belmont, Calif., 1969) to use the air pockets of a meander-shaped membrane for sound generation is the only principle which corresponds to the qualities of our field coil loudspeakers.

This high-frequency dipole is optimized for freestanding mounting and is manufactured at Mundorf in Cologne for us. Our AiR MOTiON TRANSFORMER is similar in its impulse behavior to a low-mid-frequency loudspeaker mounted in an open baffle.

In general, one can describe the sonic advantages especially with the extremely low distortion, an impressive enemy dynamics and a very natural and stress-free listening experience. The extremely fast reaction speed of the membrane and the excellent phase behavior are inherent to the technology and design. Adulterations in temporal behavior are perceived by us humans as very irritating and unpleasant. The AiR MOTiON TRANSFORMER provides this information in its original form and allows the music reproduction at the highest level due to the very low distortion values.

WVL AiR MOTION TRANSFORMER: Excellent transient response and an outstanding low distortion ratio!

Excellent transient response and an outstanding low distortion ratio!

Mundorf AMT 25CS-VL2.1

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