Realistic extended range reproduction from 25 Hz up to 2,500 Hz from a single driver.  High efficiency design with less than 0.3% distortion measured on an IEC soundboard at a distance of 100 cm. The pole pieces are manufactured to the closest tolerances to allow true magnetic symmetry for the underhung voice coil.  Gap geometry is optimized. The pole pieces are manufactured from ≥99.85% pure iron stock. The NAWI paper cone has a soft suspension and the cone apex can is treated to ensure maximum stiffness. The field-coil has exceptionally low resistance and is designed for use with a current source.

Frequency response = 25 – 2,500 Hz
Power handling = 75 Watts
Sensitivity = 97 dB @ 1W/1m
Resonance frequency = 16 Hz
Diaphragm = driven by a 76 mm diameter voice coil on treated paper former
Flux density = 16,000 Gauss @ 3.5 A
Net weight = 15.9 kG
Dimensions = W446 x H416 mm
Voice coil impedance = 8 and 16 Ohms

A1500 diagrams

Frequency response, impedance, impulse and step response


Closed pure iron field-coil motor, clamped cone, treated apex, edge wound paper former copper claded aluminum voice coil, open frame model A1.1500

A1.1500 rear

Subject to changes/modifications without notice.

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